Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The joys of public speaking

Are you interested in the topic of public speaking?

As a current (or future) VET Trainer, you already know the importance of presentation. 

After all, public speaking and the art of tap dancing before a bunch of highly critical and scrutinizing adult "pupils" are two vital assets in your professional career as a VET Trainer. 

If you are considering VET Training as a career, but the thought of speaking before a crowd (or even a small group) causes your mind to recoil in horror--then I suggest you visit this website and download the free booklet on public speaking.

Do know that there are countless professionals out there that also share the terror of public speaking. 

Indeed, I have read that the anxiety generated by the fear of public speaking can equal that of fear of death with some people. 

The site offers free tips, e-books and cheat sheets on this topic.  It is worth a visit even if you are a confident orator :-)

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