Sunday, 23 December 2012

Free resources booklet for E-learning and on line training courses

Are you a trainer delivering on line training courses ?

Here is a a new booklet designed to help organisations incorporate technology as a key training tool has been released.

The booklet focuses on:
  • evidence for the uptake of e-learning in the delivery of training
  • benefits of e-learning for employees, employers and training organisations
  • practices that sustain the use of e-learning in training
  • guidelines around e-learning good practice.
The booklet was produced after an extensive research in on line training and e-learning models.  It is not specifically related to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, but it contains vital information for trainers involved in the delivery of e-learning courses.

'The research identified seven key factors which are important to grow e-maturity and sustain and embed e-learning innovations. A tool within the booklet allows organisations to assess their own level of e-maturity, ranging from novice to innovator,' Ms Worrall said.

The seven practices important to grow e-maturity are:
  • be strategic
  • gain senior leadership support
  • build a business case
  • identify resourcing
  • identify and support champions
  • access people supports
  • allocate technical supports.
You can download this valuable on line training resource information for free at this link

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