Monday, 24 December 2012

How to setup a new Google Blogger Account And Post Your First Blog

Free tools such as Google Blogger and Word Press enable professionals in all industries to keep in touch with their clients.

Blogging is not only a useful resource that you can use to promote your ideas.  It can also be a powerful link that will keep your customers and graduates returning to your classroom for more quality training.

Trainers are renowned for “letting go” of their students after graduation.  The students complete the course, and the connection between trainer and student is severed.  Blogging allows you to keep this connection alive.

The only rule you need to remember when blogging is to be “honest” with your readers.  Do not post a blog just for the sake of promoting your service or product.  All of your blogs must offer something of value to your readers.  Of course, your readers EXPECT you to slip in a promotional line here and there—and if what you are offering is of value to them, they will not object to the sales pitch.

But if the sole intent of the blog is to sell a product or a service, your readers will sense this, and they will abandon your blog.

I believe social media and the use of tools such as Blogger, Twitter and Facebook are going to be of paramount importance to all service professionals in the future—they are already becoming a driving force in many marketing strategies.  I believe that vocational trainers can greatly benefit from learning how to use these tools.

Our first blog of this series shows you how to set up a free Google Blogger Account and how to post your first blog.  We will post more videos and blogs on this topic in the future so make sure to subscribe to our feed.

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