Wednesday, 19 December 2012

ASQA to investigate inappropriate marketing by shonky RTOs

Well done ASQA!

ASQA has just released a paper about their intention of dealing with the rising number of  2-days and 4-days Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  This kind of abuse of the fairness of the VET system has been rampant, up until now.   Well, it seems that it is about to come to a much welcome end.

ASQA has already proven its determination to clean up the industry of certificate merchants by deregistering a number of them.

We have full confidence that the future of the VET industry is very good indeed.  In this future, ethical RTOs will be able to compete by offering their students value for money and feature-rich courses—and not by selling certificates and conducting ‘easy” courses.

Well done ASQA--it was about time!
Read the paper released by ASQA by downloadingit here.

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